Friends of Moffat County Education formed in March 2012 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization as the result of parents and community members coming together over concern about the future of education for our children.

In recent years, cuts to local schools’ budgets have resulted in fewer teachers and support staff and have delayed upgrades to classroom teaching tools and technological infrastructure.

We believe that the quality of a child’s education cannot be tied to the ebbs
and flows of the state budget. We need to protect and enhance
our children’s education to prepare them for the challenging world that awaits.

We believe that education encompasses not just books and paper, but scientific, artistic and cultural exploration and have deliberately created FMCE independent of Moffat County School District to best serve students’ needs.

Specifically, we are targeting literacy, technology, science and energy for our important work as we directly influence the opportunities available locally.

We hope that you’ll join us in our mission to spearhead and fund initiatives that offer the most complete and well-rounded educational experience possible for all of the students of Moffat County.

Board of Directors:

Chris Jones, Parent

Luke Tucker, Parent

Jeremy Browning, Parent

Ryan Duran, Parent

Alida Crookston, Teacher / Parent

Grant Laehr, Parent

Melany Neton, Teacher/Parent

Amy Peck, Parent

Mardi Anson, Parent